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MSU football: The Good, The Bad and The Random vs. Bowling Green

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

MAN it is great to be back to watching winning football.

After a week one 35-10 romp over Bowling Green, let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the random from the first victory of the year.

See anything we miss? Let’s chop it up in the comments.

The Good

I don't care if this is a second-rate MAC team. There was a lot of good coming out of this one.

Brian Lewerke: 250 yards and three touchdowns? THAT'S THE STUFF. What was more impressive is that Lewerke didn't throw himself into trouble, and his instinct in pressure situations was prime. Heck, he made himself the leading rusher with 69 yards by picking great times when to say "screw it" to the whole passing thing and just deciding to run.

Madre London: London looked solid out there today, chopping his legs under heavy duress en route to 54 yards on 10 carries. This team has three dynamite running backs, and that's the kind of problem you want to have.

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Felton Davis: Two touchdowns and another huge catch on third down where it looked like his hands were dipped in pine tar made his game one excellent.

Darrell Stewart: What a special talent Stewart is. Speed. Hands. THE GOODS. Game-high 85 yards and six catches for the junior.

Joe Bachie: 10 tackles for a career high is a grand way to start the season.

Kicking and Co.: Brett Scanlon on the kickoffs and Jake Hartbarger on the punts were pounding the ball like it owed them five figures of cash.

Justin Layne: J-Layn was tested a few times Saturday afternoon, and it seemed like every time there could've been a big play coming he was plastered on his receiver. This secondary needs a bounce-back year, and that was a great start.

The Bad

LJ Scott: Umm, not an ideal first game for the stud running back, but we all know he's due for improvement. He had two bad turnovers that made the score a 14-point swing with the goal line fumble to start the game and was on the bad end of a scoop-and-score for Bowling Green's lone touchdown. Not great.

Backup QB: Damion Terry got some run with 0-3 passing and, to be honest, those three incompletions were airballs. Maybe it's the rust?

Concession stands: My Bosco Sticks tasted like they were handed to me directly from the fridge. So here I am crying about it on this blog.

The Random

Solid turnout: Labor Day Saturday for a noon game against Bowling Green doesn’t scream mass appeal, but 71,000+ turned up for the game. If there was any question whether Spartan Nation would fade away, that answer is a hard NO.

Ouch: I can only imagine No. 30 won’t be remembering much of this game.

Youth movement: Not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing yet, but...

Sticker season: Nice moment between Chris Frey and Tyson Smith after his touchdown.