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Miles Bridges selected as preseason Player of the Year

NBC Sports picks sophomore Miles Bridges as its preseason Player of the Year

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Michigan State vs Miami Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, in East Lansing, it can feel like no one is seeing the same things. Sure, there is plenty of love for the MSU basketball program and Tom Izzo, but individual players seem like they can get overlooked.

That is not happening with Miles Bridges. NBC Sports picked the returning sophomore as its preseason Player of the Year.

It’s just nice to know we aren’t going crazy.

NBC Sports writer Rob Dauster spends the vast majority of the long article celebrating Bridges’ unusual decision to return to MSU and the strange situation that put Izzo in a position of almost trying to convince his star to leave for the NBA.

But that’s kind of burying the lead with Bridges – he’s just really damn good at basketball and could be getting better.

Bridges will be playing something of a different position in the 2017-18 season. Instead of being looked at as an undersized post player, he can be a slashing wing that he would be in the NBA. What exactly that means for his numbers is unknown, but there is no doubt anymore as to just how good Bridges is.

This won’t be the last individual award Bridges is given this year – hell, this won’t be the last one he will get before the start of the season. But it would appear genuine that Bridges doesn’t really care about those at all.

Things are going to be fun in East Lansing this winter, and hopefully well into the spring.