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A-Rod was all over the Breslin Center last night

For some reason, Alex Rodriguez became the biggest star of the night during the MSU-Indiana game.

Photo via @MSU_Basketball/Twitter

On a night that saw the Michigan State Spartans throttle Indiana, it wasn’t the near 30-point win that stood out the most. It wasn’t even the strange black and neon green uniforms. It was FS1’s strange choice for sideline reporter – Alex Rodriguez.

Yes, Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod. The former MLB superstar, turned analyst. The guy dating Jennifer Lopez.

Rodriguez spent the whole day on campus, first meeting with Mark Dantonio for at least a photo-opp.

Not even Coach D could resist the A-Rod Corp joke.

The man who belongs in the MLB Hall of Fame spent the next part of the day on the basketball court. Rodriguez met with Tom Izzo and the basketball team to deliver a pregame motivational speech.

To be fair to Rodriguez, this is kind of standard procedure for any star coming through campus. Plenty of actors have spoken to MSU teams before, at least A-Rod is an athlete.

But while there was plenty of topics Rodriguez could have jumped into – how he dealt with adversary during a mid-season slump, how to handle the pressure of being expected to win a championship – he went full A-Rod. And honestly, it’s kind of perfect.

For those paying close attention, Rodriguez was holding a small piece of paper the whole time. Almost like someone who was taking notes on practice for the game later in the night. Well, funny you should bring that up.

Just as the Spartans started to get rolling Friday night, FS1 cut to the intrepid sideline who was stationed in the Izzone (which was really super loud Friday, for serious!!). While rocking the student section shirt, Rodriguez said... stuff?

Raise your hand if you believe A-Rod has been an MSU fan since he was a four-year-old in New York.

Don’t misconstrue the point here, having A-Rod involved in a strange Friday night game was fun. But man, that guy always feels just a little weird. Fingers crossed the team can get Rodriguez back at least one or two more times this season. Especially if it leads to 28-point wins.