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The best moment of every 2017 MSU football game

There were highs in every game, so let’s savor them

NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-Washington State vs Michigan State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When your team wins 10 games, you’re going to have a lot of good memories.

Whether it’s looking back on a walk-off win or finding the good stuff in a bad loss, this season certainly deserves to be reflected on.

Disagree with any of these? Anything that was missed? Let’s riff about it like gentlemen and gentlewomen in the comments.

BOWLING GREEN: Tyson Smith’s pick-six

What’s better than a win to start the season? Watching a feel-good play to help seal that first win.

Tyson Smith, who suffered a stroke the previous year, put an exclamation point on the 35-10 win with a pick-six late in the third quarter. That, my friends, is a tough moment to beat.

Honorable mention: Felton Davis reeling in two touchdowns.

WESTERN MICHIGAN: Getting our first taste of White Lightning

We all knew Brian Lewerke could get it done with his legs – it was just even better witnessing it with our own eyes in the form of a 61-yard run. Even better, it gave us this soundbite.

As we all know, that wasn’t his first rushing touchdown of the year.

Honorable mention: Josiah Scott grabbing his first interception.

NOTRE DAME: The electric atmosphere in Spartan Stadium

Alright, we all know this didn’t end well. Heck, it didn’t even start well to be honest.

However, for kickoff Spartan Stadium was rocking. After a 3-9 season, it was refreshing to feel that usual atmosphere in the air. Everyone was fired up, everyone was ready to see this team flip the page (they did that later) and everyone was loving life in East Lansing.

Honorable mention: The tailgating weather was about 95 degrees, which beats that Penn State and Maryland game weather.

IOWA: Felton Davis body bagging people

Felton Davis got MSU on the board with two quick touchdowns, but his second one was just disrespectful.

Why must you do that, Felton? That kid’s family didn’t have to see that.

Honorable mention: MSU holding Iowa to 19 rushing yards. Joe Bachie’s fumble recovery inside the Iowa red zone.

MICHIGAN: Jim Harbaugh’s game plan.

Which part of it? You name it.

Starting John O’Corn as quarterback? Sure. Going pass-heavy in a complete monsoon? Why not. Staying conservative in the first half when the weather was pass-friendly? I mean, how was he supposed to see the incoming downpour everyone else saw coming?

The $7 million man came through again for MSU.

Honorable mention: Madre London walking in that beautiful screen pass. Lewerke running it in from 14 yards out. Getting that one turnover. And that other one. And that other one. And that other one. Oh, and that other one too.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Michigan Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

MINNESOTA: Watching the LJ Scott Show

Take away a late fumble, and this was easily LJ Scott’s finest work this season with 220 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns. With crappy weather (this season? Imagine that!) the run game was going to have to win. And folks, it did.

Honorable mention: The hands team coming through to seal the win – that was too close for comfort.

INDIANA: The fourth quarter

The “a win is a win” game of the season.

I can’t sugarcoat it – this game was a snoozer the first three quarters. Like watching Wisconsin basketball, really.

With six minutes left Felton Davis reeled in the game-winner, making the Spartans bowl eligible.

Honorable mention: Cody White having his first big game of the year with 99 receiving yards.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

NORTHWESTERN: Lewerke grabbing the school record

Yeah, yeah, yeah this was one of the losses. With diamond in the rough this game was Brian Lewerke’s performance as he threw for a program-record 445 yards to go alone with four touchdowns. Glass half full, everyone.

Honorable mention: The open bar at the wedding I watched this game at. MSU’s defense in regulation.


Michael Gieger became legendary with his kick at OSU. Now redshirt freshman Matt Coghlin (AKA McMuffin) already has his signature moment with his walk-off winner to beat another No. 7-ranked team.

Honorable mention: MSU’s three interceptions reeled in. The stop on 4th and 3 at the MSU 31 late in the game. Felton Davis laying out for a 33-yard touchdown.

OHIO STATE: Umm…no one died?

Yeah…let’s go with that.

Honorable mention: The fact this game wasn’t a heartbreaker, I guess?

MARYLAND: The running game

In an otherwise miserable game to be at in driving rain and 41 degree temperatures, the MSU run game did their job. LJ Scott had 147 rushing yards and Lewerke also scampered in for a 25 yard score, which was the eventual game-winner.

Honorable mention: The hot chocolate and coffee at the concession stands. Or, if you watched at home, your TV and heating system.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

RUTGERS: Zero drama

MSU had a lot of close games and, I don’t know about you, it was so satisfying watching our Spartans take this game with not an ounce of stress. This was pretty much over once the bus went into “park” and the time of possession reflected that too. I mean, 47:50 of possession is unfair. Let the other team have fun, guys.

Honorable mention: Matt Coghlin kicking his face off (4/4 on field goals).

WASHINGTON STATE: Damion Terry’s touchdown

There was a ton to pick from for this game – maybe the most of any game.

For me and many others, seeing Damion Terry find the end zone one last time was the easy top moment. He could have transferred away or been a bitter teammate. Instead he stuck it out and was a true Spartan leader, helping this team turn it around this season.

Man did he deserve that moment.

Honorable mention: LJ Scott going off for 110 yards and two touchdowns and THEN announcing his return. Lewerke slinging three touchdowns. Felton Davis going off for 118 yards and a touchdown. Cody White nabbing two touchdowns. Chris Frey recovering a fumble in his last game.