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Don’t let anyone say the hate isn’t real between Michigan and Michigan State

Pregame warmups got heated before the start of this year’s MSU-UM game with Devin Bush in the middle of everything.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

As if the Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines needed any more of a reason to be excited for Saturday’s game. Saturday, before either team put on pads, both sides were ready for a fight.

Problems started when the Spartans came out for their traditional pregame walk from one end zone to the other, all linked arm-in-arm. However, not ever Wolverine had cleared the field yet.

But the Spartans weren’t about to break the chain.

Michigan insists that the Spartans were late for the scheduled pregame walk. Even if true, it seems like an exaggerated response to refuse to get off the field by the Michigan players. Although it kind of fits the Jim Harbaugh narrative.

But things weren’t done, specifically with Michigan’s Devin Bush Jr. The linebacker decided to take his anger out on on the midfield logo of the Spartans helmet.

The field was repaired and it would still get the last laugh against Bush.

On the second offensive play of the game, running back LJ Scott caught a swing pass out of the back field and had Bush barring down. Scott, fresh off of an injury, unleashed a strong stiff arm, tossing Bush to the ground.

An awkward landing knocked the wind out of the linebacker, forcing him to miss a play. Bush would return to the game, but karma had clearly been invoked.

Just a few minutes later, both teams were forced to clear the field due to a weather delay. Whether or not that will allow cooler heads to prevail, or if players will just stew and grow their anger will only be decided in time. Players on both sides haven’t backed down from trash talk throughout the young game. One unsportsmanlike conduct penalty has already been given out to each side.