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Let’s get “Cancer Sucks” going for kickoffs vs. Purdue

LEt’s make Tyler Trent and all fighters feel at home with “Ohhhhhhhhh-OH CANCER SUCKS!” at kickoff


It’s Spartans vs. Boilermakers this Saturday, and one of the biggest fans of either team won’t be in East Lansing.

Of course, we are talking about diehard Purdue fan and three-time cancer battler Tyler Trent.

Long story short, Tyler is in a fight for his life against a form of bone cancer that has him battling in hospice care. For a longer and highly recommended story, watch this piece from last week’s College Gameday:

Tyler mustered up the strength to see his Boilermakers roll the Buckeyes last week. We want him to feel at home and know that us in East Lansing are rooting for him and everyone else who can’t be there because of their own battles.

Last week the Boilermaker faithful shouted “ohhhhhhhOH...CANCER SUCKS” on kickoffs.

Spartans, lets stand with Tyler and mirror what Purdue did last weekend on kickoffs this Saturday.

Instead of the usual “ohhhhhhhhOH...GO STATE” we will do “ohhhhOH...CANCER SUCKS,” loud enough for Tyler to hear back home.

Spread it along, tell your seat mates and let’s make Tyler and all brave fighters feel our support for them.

And for those looking to donate, Tyler has posted this link to pediatric cancer research on his Twitter page.

Go Green. Boiler Up. Cancer Sucks.