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Watch: Michigan State baseball hosts Miracle League game

Check out the highlights from last month’s Miracle League game with children and members of the MSU baseball team.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the emotions of wins and losses during any college season. However, it should always be remembered how important these student-athletes can be.

Last month the Michigan State University baseball team continued a tradition sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, whether in green and white or any other colors. The program hosted the Miracle League of mid-Michigan for a baseball game.

The game has been held every year since 2012, the year CASE Cares Miracle Field was finished in Dewitt. Each year, led by head coach Jake Boss Jr., the MSU players buddy up with a group of children with a wide variety of disabilities or special needs.

As evident everyone in attendance, the smiles at this event are contagious. Even more importantly, the bonds built during this game go far beyond the white chalk lines.

Redshirt senior Dan Chmielewski has made a special bond with one of the young baseball players who has made a point of returning every year. Jacob Boerma is a young Spartans fan who was born with spina bifida. After defying the odds and learning to walk, Jacob is now a baseball player in his own right.

In Chmielewski, Jacob has found a true friend. The two buddies clearly get excited to see each other every time.

Sports fans can get too wrapped up in how these young athletes perform on the field. But these baseball players are making a difference that will last long beyond this season.