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Open Discussion: Do you get more excited for the start of MSU football season or basketball season?

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

While football season has had its ups and downs for the Michigan State Spartans this season, I think we can all get excited for the start of the men’s college basketball season tonight.

The No. 10 Spartans take on the No. 1 Kansas Jayhawks at 7 p.m. at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis for the first game of the Champions Classic double-header. The Duke Blue Devils (No. 4) and Kentucky Wildcats (No. 2) follow up the first game and tip off at 9:30 p.m.

All four of these programs will compete in the Champions Classic through at least 2022.

The excitement of the start of college basketball got me thinking, and I want to hear from my fellow MSU fans and loyal The Only Colors readers. So, my question is, what do you get more excited for: the start of Michigan State football season, or the start of Michigan State men’s basketball season?

For me, this is a tough question. In terms of the sport overall, I am a much bigger fan of the game of football than I am basketball, however, I am still a huge fan of hoops, especially of the college variety (though I have recently rekindled my love affair with the NBA as well). It’s just that I feel closer to the game of football: I played it, I now coach it, I write about it daily and I watch it religiously. I know the game better than that of basketball. But when it comes to Spartans basketball, I often find myself setting higher expectations for the basketball team than that of the football team, and I have a tendency of getting more upset when the basketball team loses. At the very least, I am just as invested in MSU basketball as I am football, but I would still give the football season the edge just because of my passion for the game of football itself.

I would like to turn this discussion to you now. I encourage you all to vote in the below poll and carry on the conversation in the comments section below. So what do you most look forward to — football or men’s basketball season? Or maybe you prefer women’s basketball, hockey, volleyball, baseball, wrestling or any other of the numerous sports program Michigan State offers. Maybe, like me, it’s that simple of a question for you. Let us know!


Which season do you get more excited for?

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