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The Only Podcast (12-12-18) -- We’re Back-sketball!

That kinda works, right? Whatever. ITS FINALS WHO CARES.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s The Only Podcast, Austin and John talk...

(0 - 11) Intro / Soccer / Women’s Basketball

Our good Soccer lads made the Final 4 and our good Basketball lasses upsets a top 3 team!

(11 - 29) Basketball Crootin’

A top recruit chose dook...AGAIN. But why? Isaiah Stewart is still on the board and Anthony Edwards is taking an OV. Whats the STATE of the union?

(29 - 37) NET Rankings

MSU is 8th in them but what are they? Also, is this a bit BCS-y or what?

(37 - 59) Florida Recap + Early Season thoughts

A good gritty road win featuring none of the usual suspects. We’ll take it! Also, the season is 1/3rd of the way over. How much can we take away from what’s happened thus far?

(59 - FIN) Green Bay Preview

Not the packers, although Aaron Rodgers is probably good at basketball too.