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Winston, Langford and Ward are perfect trio for MSU

The three juniors left from “The Class” will have a huge impact for this entire season

Iowa v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

When Miles Bridges and Jaren Jackson left last season to go to the NBA draft following the loss to Syracuse, there were a lot of questions.

Nine games into the 2018-2019 campaign, this Spartan team has not lost a step even with two lottery picks taking their talents to the NBA.

This team is already firing on all cylinders, with a core of junior and senior talent who are already gelling as a team.

Nick Ward just finished a game against Iowa ten for ten from the field, his return to East Lansing for his junior season has already paid immediate dividends for MSU on the block.

Joshua Langford and Cassius Winston have been moving the offense by shooting a combined 44 percent from the three-point line and averaging a combined 33.9 points per game.

Heading into the Big Ten season, we’ve already seen MSU hang 90 points on Iowa and head to Florida this Saturday for a tough non-conference battle. The key is to keep the pace with other conference rivals such as Michigan and Ohio State to attempt to repeat as Big Ten champions.

Iowa v Michigan State
Nick Ward’s ability to score has been showcased through the first nine games.
Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

This will involve the Spartans playing sharp and tough the entire conference season and Winston, Langford and Ward have already been through this before. The benefit of having two seasons together will keep the Spartans in the national spotlight as the chemistry of the team is already established.

Michigan State’s scored more than 75 points in each of their nine contests thus-far, a sign of a high powered offense that will dominate many of the Big Ten opponents over the next few months. Cassius Winston and Joshua Langford will be looked at to hit the big shots down the stretch, as they’ve both already showed signs of hitting shots when baskets are needed.

The Spartans find themselves in a great position to start the season, with wins already over UCLA, Texas and Iowa. A daunting Big Ten schedule will test MSU, but Winston, Langford and Ward will keep the Spartans at the top of the conference standings.