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Miles Bridges cleared to play vs. Wisconsin

A day after Miles Bridges was linked to NCAA recruiting violations, he has been cleared to play

Illinois v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

One day after Michigan State Spartans sophomore Miles Bridges was included in a Yahoo Sports report involving alleged NCAA recruiting violations, MSU has cleared him to play.

The Spartans play their final regular season game of the season Sunday afternoon on the road against Wisconsin. The Big Ten Tournament starts next week in New York City.

Bridges had been named in documents obtained by the FBI from a former employee of ASM Sports agency, Christian Dawkins. The documents listed a $400 ATM withdrawal allegedly for Bridges’ mother. There was also a $70 meal allegedly for Bridges’ parents during a meeting with Dawkins. The monetary total credited to Bridges was significantly smaller than that of other players included in the documents.

Saturday afternoon, the MSU athletic department officially announced Bridges would participate in Sunday’s game.

MLive’s Kyle Austin clarified with the school that Bridges was cleared by both Michigan State and the NCAA.

Bridges wasn’t the only member of the Michigan State basketball program mentioned by Dawkins. Associate head coach Dwayne Stephens was described by Dawkins in an email to Arizona head coach Sean Miller as one of the other coaches interested in making a deal to get a former recruit to sign.

Stephens also released a statement Saturday afternoon.

The news Saturday comes less than 24 hours after both Tom Izzo and interim AD Bill Beekman stated the program would comply with any investigation but did not believe there was any wrongdoing.

Bridges was one of three big name players still in college, in addition to Duke’s Wendell Carter and Alabama’s Collin Sexton. Like Bridges, Carter has been cleared by the NCAA to play. Sexton is also expected to play.