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Roundball recap: MSU basketball sweats out win vs. Iowa

Alright, can we stop it with the close games?

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

If you told me I would actually be sweating after a game against Iowa, I would have called you crazy.

Well, I’m the crazy one, because I was sweating like Matt McQuaid in a triathlon after that 96-93 win against Iowa.

That was no a beauty pageant by any stretch of the imagination, but a road with is always a good win. Especially after five games in 12 days. Even against Iowa.

I just hope one day soon this blog post won’t come after a stressful two hours...

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

I…I don’t even know where to begin. I guess let’s start with that big stretch. That seems like a great place to start.

If you had “Kenny Goins 3-pointer,” “Cassius Winston block” and “Forced shot clock violation” on your Comeback Bingo card, go collect all of your money. I might go out on a limb and say that’s the biggest shot Goins will hit in his MSU career. Not sure how many other times he’ll be in a situation like that, and to bury that shot (with help on the shooter’s roll thanks to the basketball gods) was, really, unbelievable.

And that shot clock violation…there’s no way you saw that coming. Not after the Spartans played close to zero defense for the first 17 minutes of that half. This team looked dead in the second half – like the Indiana game – and dug deep to find a big road win. Again, like the Indiana game.

Miles “No Game” Bridges went off with 25 points tonight, including knocking down four free throws in the final 1:02 to take and extend the lead. Man it’s fun having a lottery talent on your favorite team…

Which brings us to Jaren Jackson, who had a plethora of big plays down the stretch. His dunk and 3-pointer on back-to-back possessions when it got hairy gave MSU life and, really, a second wind. If only refs would stop whistling him for simply being a tall human, maybe he would be able to play more and display that talent for a few more minutes a night.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Those lineups were…something. I’m not going to pound my fingers into this keyboard with fury after a win, but woof…those lineups were something. I get it – foul trouble. Sure. But you can’t go that long with Nick Ward and Jaren Jackson on the bench with three fouls while you’re watching Iowa score in the paint at will.

And benching Cassius Winston for eight minutes? I’ll just leave this here…

Yep...a point guard that’s actually an offensive threat will help you do that.

I would have paid roughly $37.25 to hear what was said to Bridges here...

Players that are a “maybe” before their game against MSU are on fire. First it was Oakland’s Kendrick Nunn and his 32 points. Then it was Mo Wagner and his 27 points. On Tuesday night, after illness made Jordan Bohannon questionable, he dropped 17 points on MSU.

If there are reports a player could miss their game against MSU, mark them down for an outstanding game.

I watched the entire game on mute, and folks, not listening to that color analyst is bliss. Well, as blissful as a three-point win against Iowa can be.

The mute button is a beautiful thing. You don’t have to sit there for two hours while you listen to a guy that sounds like any schmuck at a sports bar speak into a microphone. You deserve better, guys. You deserve the mute button.

Up next is...shoot I forgot. Is it Rutgers again? No...oh, Illinois again?!

OH YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, it’s the second top four matchup in Breslin Center’s history as No. 3 Purdue comes in Saturday at 4 p.m.

Folks, this game is massive and we will surely get into it more as the week progresses. A win on Saturday gives MSU at least a decent shot at a Big Ten title. So, gut reaction after that Iowa game, how do we feel for Saturday?

I’m going to get crazy here. I think this three day period of no games will help. I’m praying the Izzone shows up with the energy they had for Penn State and not Michigan (weird sentence to type). And I’m thinking MSU’s defense can contain Purdue to give them their best win this season.


How does the MSU vs. Purdue showdown end?

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    MSU blowout win
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    MSU close win
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  • 9%
    Purdue blowout win
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  • 21%
    Purdue close win
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Also, No. 1-ranked 2019 recruit Vernon Carey will be taking his official visit this weekend.

Go Green, everyone.