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The Only Podcast (2.9.18) — Boiler Battle

At least there are more than two Spartans over 6’6” this year

Michigan State v Purdue

On this week’s edition of The Only Podcast, Austin (@ACSmith06) and John (@John_Kirby) talk...

(0:00-11:00) Football: An uneventful Signing Day

(11:00-16:00) AJ Troup is a TV star and, we called it, Dan Enos was a double agent the whole time

(16:00 - 23:00) Basketball: Recapping MSU-Penn State

(23:00-28:00) Basketball: Recapping MSU-Indiana

(28:00-41:00) Basketball: Recapping MSU-Iowa

(41:00-50:00) Overarching thoughts and an insane idea from John

(50:00-1:10:00) Previewing Purdue. Kind of a big game!

(1:10:00+) Wrapping up