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The Only Predictions: We take a guess at MSU’s run, Final Four and more

Some have us going all the way. Some do not. Where do you stand?

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost the time for the undisputed greatest day of the year -- the beginning of the NCAA Tournament.

If you’re like us (and you probably are) you’ve already filled out your bracket(s) and have figured out where MSU’s season will end. We’ve got thoughts of our own on both the whole shebang and MSU’s tournament too.

Kyle Thele

How far does MSU go? National Champions - This Michigan State team is more talented than any we’ve seen in at least 15 years. That, combined with Izzo in March is almost a guarantee to get them by at least one big hurdle (Duke) in the tournament. If they can make it to the Elite Eight, I don’t see a team in the country that should beat the Spartans.

Who is MSU’s best player? Jaren Jackson Jr. - He won’t be the most consistent player, that will be Miles Bridges, and he won’t be the “glue guy,” that’s Cassius Winston. But Jackson presents opponents with their most difficult task on both ends of the court. He will be a force that MSU will lean on in the biggest moments.

Final Four? MSU, Purdue, North Carolina, Virginia (even with the Hunter injury).

Championship game (winner in bold)? North Carolina vs. MSU

Cinderella special? Georgia Southern beats Cincy, loses in second round.

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Michigan State
Will this be the only banner hung up this season?
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan O’Bleness

How far does MSU go? National Champions -- I agree that Duke will be the biggest hurdle for MSU in this tournament, as evidenced by Tom Izzo’s 1-11 record against Coach K. But if they’re able to get past the Blue Devils, then I really don’t see a team who will beat the Spartans in March Madness. Knowing the talent this team possesses, it’’s been frustrating to watch the Spartans at points, and easy to forget that MSU only lost four games all season. I think they finally put it all together in March.

Who is MSU’s best player? Cassius Winston -- Winston has been a facilitator, catalyst and deadly three-point shooter all season long, and I expect him to make a big impact during the tournament. The Spartans’ play really depends on him as he sets the offense from the point guard position. I expect Bridges to get his as well, but Winston’s energy, vision and basketball IQ will carry MSU during their tournament run.

Final Four? Michigan State, Ohio State, Arizona, Villanova

Championship game? Arizona vs. Michigan State. MSU wins a close game (by four to six points) and cuts down the nets!

Cinderella special? One team to keep an eye on is Providence. I think they beat Texas A&M and give North Carolina all they can handle in the Round of 32, but lose a close one to the Tar Heels.

Matt Hoeppner

How far does MSU go? I will go ahead and be the wet blanket and say that MSU gets popped by Duke in the Sweet Sixteen. As much as I want to believe that this team is capable of getting over that hump, I just haven’t seen enough from this group to make me buy into it. Could they pull it off? Absolutely. But I’m not going to bet on it, not with the history between the two programs and the fact that Duke has the talent to negate the Spartans strengths. I sure hope I’m wrong.

Who is MSU’s best player? MSU’s best player will be Miles Bridges, because he has to be. Cassius Winston is the driver, but Miles needs to be the engine. He has the ability to take over a game if he wants to, even if it’s not just by scoring. He needs to show that selfish streak he displayed a few months back and be aggressive, instead of settling for jumpers all day. If he does, he can take MSU as far as they want to go.

Final Four? Arizona, Gonzaga, Duke, Villanova

Championship game? Arizona vs. Villanova

Cinderella special? I’ve got Texas going to the Sweet 16 with a win over Cincy

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Northwestern Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Guastella

How far does MSU go? National Champions- Duke is scary, especially with Bagley actually playing but I don’t think that Grayson Allen is going to be a volcano this time around and honestly noone else really scares me. I think getting out of the Big Ten is going to do some good stuff for MSU’s transition and teams who don’t see them as often are going to struggle to score on the inside.

Who is MSU’s best player? Cassius Winston- He struggled shooting the three in the Big Ten Tourney but I don’t think that is going to last. There will be a couple of times that MSU needs him to take over and win some games, and I think he can and will. I have a feeling we may also see a Josh Langford game but Cassius can impact the offense in a way that noone else can.

Final Four? MSU, Villanova, Virginia, UNC

Championship game? UNC vs. MSU, November style beatdown (I like being able to say this in our favor)

Cinderella special? Missouri, Elite 8

Matt Sheehan

How far does MSU go? Sweet 16. I guess it’s a Matt thing – I just don’t see this team getting passed Duke. Yeah, they hung with them earlier in the season, but that was with Marvin Bagley barely playing. Sure, Grayson Allen had his best game of the year, but they also won that game with Gary Trent Jr., Trevon Duval and Wendell Carter playing mediocre at best. And, I don’t know if you heard, but Tom Izzo is 1-11 vs. Mike Kryhoweveryouspellhisname. That’s not a fluke – Coach K runs this matchup.

Who is MSU’s best player? Jaren Jackson Jr. His defensive presence alone makes him one of the most dangerous players in the entire tournament. And if he can hit 3-pointers consistently – hoo boy.

Final Four? Virginia, Michigan, Villanova, Duke (I really hope I’m wrong, guys)

Championship game? Virginia vs. Duke

Cinderella special? Charleston and Loyola to the Sweet 16.


How far do you have MSU going in your bracket?

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