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Thanks, Obama: Former president picks MSU to win it all

Is this 2014 all over again? Or does Barack Obama nail it this time around?

Quicken Loans Carrier Classic - North Carolina v Michigan State Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We are not a political blog. However, when politics and MSU basketball clashes, we bend the rules.

Former United States president Barack Obama filled out his bracket and tweeted it out for the world — and his 101 million Twitter followers — to see. And you know who he has winning it?

That’s right — the Michigan State Spartans.

On one hand, thanks Obama! On the other hand...he picked us in 2014. We did not win in 2014.

If MSU doesn’t win the whole thing this year, it’s official. We have ourselves an Obama jinx.

Side note: How does this guy always have the most boring brackets? Look at that Sweet 16. All one-through-four seeds! Come on, Barack! Jazz it up a little bit, yeesh.