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Michigan State is enjoying the hell out of their week off

With a week of nothing to do but wait for Selection Sunday, the Spartans are finding ways to have a little fun

Photo via @TheRealJKirk/Twitter

With an extra week between the end of the Big Ten Tournament and Selection Sunday, most Michigan State Spartans fans are spending their time in an absolute panic about where the team will be ranked and who they will play.

Fortunately, for all involved, the players don’t appear to have that same stress.

The Spartans hit the road on Tuesday, making a trip to Chicago. And they seemingly did it for an unexpected, but totally understandable reason. They had Hamilton tickets.

Now as anyone who has seen Hamilton will tell you (and tell you, and tell you again), Hamilton is worth the three and a half hour drive from East Lansing to Chicago in just about any situation. But when you’re invited by one of the show’s stars, it’s an absolute must.

Jonathan Kirkland, a 2010 Michigan State College of Music graduate, stars in the Chicago cast as George Washington. Tuesday night, he performed with the entire MSU basketball team sitting front-and-center. Kirkland also took the team backstage and introduced them to some of the show’s cast.

Since no trip can be all about just having fun this time of the year, the Spartans did get in some work on Wednesday. They were able to find a pretty nice court with some open gym time.

Coincidentally, Michigan State got their workout in just a couple of days after former Spartans star Denzel Valentine tied his career high in a game with 20-points. Considering how the Bulls have played most of this season, Miles Bridges and Jaren Jackson Jr. hopefully paid close attention to the facilities. They could easily be teaming up with Valentine this time next season.

MSU still has a few days to kill before the brackets are released. Who knows, maybe they will jet-set somewhere else before the tournament.