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Jaren Jackson Jr. works out with Kevin Garnett

Jackson and Garnett put in some work before the NBA Draft.

Illinois v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Jaren Jackson Jr. is more than ready for the NBA. The most die-hard Michigan State Spartans fan couldn’t argue against his decision to leave after only one year of college. But just being ready for the Association isn’t enough, and JJJ is putting in the work needed with arguably the perfect person.

Saturday afternoon, former NBA All-Star and almost certain Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett posted to Twitter that he and Jackson got some work done.

Outside of being an all-time great post player in the NBA, Garnett is a solid comp for Jackson. The two have nearly identical measurables, both at 6-11 and around 240 pounds. But their game is just as similar.

Garnett was well ahead of his time, a long, athletic player who could dominate on both ends of the court with highlight level play. He also showed the ability to step back and hit a jumper, although not to the level of current players.

Jackson showed in his one year at MSU that he can be a true rim-protector on defense and has the athletic ability to put up big points on offense. That is made even more dangerous by his ability to hit from deep.

There is no question, however, that Jackson isn’t a finished product. He will likely be a lottery pick this summer in the NBA Draft, but he is a bit of a project. Jackson’s offensive game needs to develop and taking the next step on defense will take some work.

However, if there is someone to model a game after for Jackson, it is almost certainly Garnett.