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Dan Dakich has a weird and unexplainable hatred of Miles Bridges

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The ESPN analyst took another weird shot at Bridges that has the bonus of being completely wrong

Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Semifinals Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

In late January, ESPN broadcaster and totally unbiased for-serious talking head Dan Dakich took a random shot at Michigan State Spartans star Miles Bridges. Now, Dakich is trying to pick a fight with the NBA prospect once again.

Coming pretty much out of nowhere on Monday, Dakich tweeted that Bridges never had two offensive rebounds during a Big Ten regular season game in 2017.

Aside from being one of the most random and extremely specific stats imaginable, Dakich’s tweet had the added bonus of being completely incorrect. As he was told by isportsweb reporter David Harns, Bridges actually accomplished that arbitrary feat twice this season.

Dakich never deleted the tweet, but did acknowledge his mistake in a later tweet. Dakich said he was given the information from an “NBA coach” who was asking what the broadcaster thought. Because – sure.

Fortunately, Bridges didn’t handle Dakich’s trolling as poorly as most of us would. Bridges quote-tweeted Dakich with a simple reply.

As most MSU fans remember, Dakich decided to tweet in late January that Bridges has “no game.” Dakich defended the strange statement by insisting that “those that know know.” Which, aside from being a grammatical nightmare, is pretty much nonsense.

Bridges went ahead and hit a game-winner a couple weeks later, so that was cool.

But just to prove that it’s not only Bridges that Dakich oddly dislikes from East Lansing, he went after Jaren Jackson Jr. – kind of? As every impartial analyst would do, ol’ Dan wanted it to be known that Jackson played fewer minutes in the NCAA Tournament than his son Andrew.

Hey, at least this time the “fun fact” was true.

Bridges, Jackson and Dakich all had their college playing careers end abruptly in the second-round of the tournament. Bridges and Jackson are expected to be lottery picks in the NBA Draft.

Dakich will be a graduate assistant next year at the University of Mich... sorry, Ohio State. I knew it was one of Dakich’s schools.