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MSU football earns 2017 rings to remind everyone who is king around here

Two big wins earned their way on the ring. You can probably guess which two.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Michigan Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

To the dismay of the fanbase that has seen just two wins over its in-state rival the last decade, MSU got some bling.

Some rivals fans are salty about MSU commemorating their bowl win and their rivalry win. Well, when your team can’t celebrate doing either, I guess it’s easy to get sensitive over stuff like that.

The Spartans — who were supposed to be in a rebuilding year during their 2017 season — received rings after posting a 10-3 record. As they do almost every year, the two biggest wins were engraved on the rings.

On one side, the Holiday Bowl title is displayed. On the other? The usual reminder that Mark Dantonio’s Spartans beat the University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor in their own stadium. Again.

A few opposing fan bases don’t like the rings. Alright, just one fan base. We’re awaiting the design of their bowl win rings to reserve judgement on what they look like.

Oh wait. That’s right.

Well, surely they’ll have a ring or something to commemorate a big win they had.

Oh shoot. Not that either?

Well, maybe those Purdue and Indiana win rings will come in and look nice. We’ll be on standby.

Side note: Today marks 83 days until kickoff. Mark Dantonio is 8-3 against the Wolverines. Have a great weekend you beautiful Spartans.