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An early look at the betting odds for Michigan State

The Spartans odds of winning the Big Ten and even more a month before the start of the 2018 season

Rutgers v Michigan State Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

College football season is always exciting – the tailgating, loud fans, wild endings and all the sweet sweet gambling. Ok, that last one may not be for everyone, but there is no doubt that for many fans, getting a little action on a game helps make things that much more fun.

Michigan State fans who are looking to put a little money where their mouth likely is have plenty of options as to how they want to show their MSU love. Roughly a month away from the Spartans’ first game, futures bets are open and ready for anyone looking to – legally – make a wager.

Odds of MSU winning the Big Ten Championship

Vegas Insider: +700

5Dimes: +905

There is a bit of a range there between the two sources, but both sites are similar in the ways that count the most. The Spartans aren’t quite a long shot to win the Big Ten Championship, but it would be an impressive payout. In both cases, MSU has the fifth best odds to win the conference – behind Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan.

Odds of MSU reaching the College Football Playoff

Bovada: +600

This is almost an add-on bet for anyone in the mood. Despite the recent trend of the Big Ten champion not reaching the playoff, anyone confident enough in MSU to win the conference may as well throw down a little extra for the Spartans to return to the CFP. While their odds look better from Bovada, MSU still has the fifth best odds of reaching the playoff in the Big Ten.

Odds of winning the College Football Playoff Championship Game

Vegas Insider: +3300

Listen, here’s the thing, if you’re both a Michigan State fan and a college football bettor, you’re going to really hate yourself if you don’t make this bet and the Spartans pull it off. Is it a smart bet? No, absolutely not. But come on, that’s what $2 bets are made for.

Over/Under wins

Bovada: 9 wins

The most confident among us will look at this number and confidently take the over. This isn’t crazy, this is a highly talented Michigan State team with winning experience. Just looking at the odds (-125 for the over, -105 for the under) shows that the book makers seemingly expect a 10 win season, or at the very least have received enough over bets they needed to significantly adjust the line. But before you decide to bet the house on a 10 win season, just remember how hard the schedule is this season. Not to be a wet blanket, I think a nine win season should be expected at the very least, but the Spartans schedule isn’t exactly loaded with cupcakes. It’s pretty easy to get to 10 wins before even factoring in any postseason games, assuming at least one win against Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State, and going undefeated against the rest of the schedule. But it’s just as easy to see needing a bowl game win just to get to nine wins.