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MSU football weekend recap: Drums, scrimmages and being underrated

What happened two weekends out from opening night?

NCAA Football: Indiana at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

This team is fun. And we aren’t talking about the on-field fireworks either.

Well, yes — that’s fun too. But what’s really fun about this year’s team is the closeness you can see with them whenever we get a glimpse into the MSU football world.

Over the weekend the MSU Drumline made its way over to practice, and if things go awry during performances this year, they know a few football players can step in.

On the contrary, if every MSU receiver goes down by halftime we can count on the drumline to fill in.

Dantonio named “most underrated” by...someone has been running their “Candid Coaches” series as we build up to kickoff, and the latest edition touched on most underrated and overrated coaches.

In the underrated portion, Stanford’s David Shaw and Washington’s Chris Peterson each got 12 percent of the vote. Florida’s Dan Mullen, Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald and Utah’s Kyle Whittingham each scored eight percent.

HOWEVER, 14 coaches split 52 percent of the rest of the vote and the write-up had this quote from an anonymous coach.

Big Ten coaches in the overrated portion include Penn State’s James Franklin getting 20 percent of the vote and Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz getting 13 percent.

MSU had a scrimmage

It looked like MSU had a scrimmage under the lights on Friday night — which is what they’ll be doing on Aug. 31 for real.

No further information has come out of this scrimmage, but we’ll give our best shot at analysis based on the photos in the tweet.

  • Darrell Stewart is working on playing through physicality
  • Josh Butler had a big play. Maybe Michael Dowell too? Who knows?!
  • Brian Lewerke — elite control of the huddle
  • Cody White had a monster play. Or found out Menna’s was holding a special that night. Either way, he’s fired up about something

Meet the Spartans held this Tuesday

The 16th annual Meet the Spartans event is taking place at Spartan Stadium on Tuesday from 5-8 p.m. It’s a great chance to meet players, Mark Dantonio and grab some food on the cheap.

This link does a way better and more thorough job explaining it than I can.

Go Green.