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The Only Colors welcomes newest writers

David Harns, Zach Manning and Asa Hans join TOC writing staff

The Only Colors exists with one goal in mind – lift up, educate and embrace the Michigan State Spartans fanbase as much as possible. Today, that mission statement just became a lot easier.

Today marks the official first day for three new TOC writers. We would like to welcome David Harns, Zach Manning and Asa Hans to site. All three writers are making the transition from isportsweb.

David, who led the groups coverage at their previous site, has a long history of covering Michigan State. He has shown time and again to be one of the most dependable writers in the MSU community. The last year, specifically, saw Harns and his coverage emerge above others in a time when eyes around the country were on East Lansing.

All three new editions to the site will help bring The Only Colors to a new level. Our access, reporting, and overall coverage of Michigan State should be something to enjoy for Spartans fans everywhere.

In my first year as managing editor of TOC, I could not have been more impressed or proud of our group of writers. Our small group stood tall and provided everything we could to the community. The new additions will allow our returning writers to show off their skills more than ever. I’m excited to see what great things they can do going forward.

There will be plenty of new things coming during the 2018-19 seasons from The Only Colors. None of that would be possible without our great group of writers.

I can’t wait to show everyone what’s to come.