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MSU football named best team by at least one anonymous coach

Yes, you read that correctly. No, we don’t hate it.

NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-Washington State vs Michigan State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We can’t just gloss over this.

There is at least one coach out there that believes MSU is the best team in the nation, according to a anonymous vote ran by

The outlet spoke with “one-fifth of the active FBS coaches” and asked them the simple question of “who will be the best college football team in 2018?”

First answer? Alabama with 92 percent.

The only two other teams that got answers? Clemson and YOUR MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS, BABY!

NCAA Football: Penn State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The rest of the piece dives into explanations from coaches on why they picked Bama — like any of us needed to read any reasoning.

What they didn’t do was dive into why a coach voted for MSU, which leads me to one thought — MSU is so good that they thought that was a perfectly reasonable answer that didn’t require any follow-up.

Now begs the question: who picked the Spartans?

My theory is Penn State head coach James Franklin. He lost to two teams last year, one of which (Ohio State) are having a changing of the guard at quarterback. The Spartans are traveling to Happy Valley on Oct. 13, and maybe Franklin is already trying to get his players fired up? I don’t know, this is probably a terrible theory. But I’m running with it.

One other theory offered up on Twitter is also totally plausible.

So, who do you think it is? Let’s banter about it.