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The Good, The Bad, The Random during MSU football’s bye week

Just because it’s a bye doesn’t mean MSU didn’t have a great weekend

NCAA Football: Utah State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

MSU had a better week than seven Big Ten teams without even taking a snap.

That’s not a bad bye week.

And, even though MSU didn’t play, we’ve still got some things to recap from a dandy college football weekend.

The Good

Utah State is thriving, which is cool. Oh yeah, you’re damn right we are all Aggies fans now after the week one scare.

Since its near-win in East Lansing, Utah State has been laying the pipe on the competition, outscoring its two (non-impressive) opponents 133-25. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-THREE!

MSU didn’t lose! Oh, your favorite Big Ten team soiled its pants over the weekend? CAN’T RELATE.

And we moved up in the rankings! Without even lifting a finger, the Spartans are bumped up to No. 24 in the AP Poll and No. 23 in the coaches poll

NCAA Football: Akron at Northwestern Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

The Big Ten went 6-7 on the weekend, and none of those seven losses can be spun into a positive.

Man, you hate to see the conference perform this terribLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL who cares? There’s something hilarious about watching the Big Ten world burn down around you, especially in that vaunted Big Ten West division.

Wisconsin’s plan of “load our non-conference with cupcakes before frolicking in our Candy Land Conference” backfired.

Scott Frost is deadset on setting the bar as low as possible in year one, which I respect the hell out of.

Maryland decided it wasn’t comfortable with looking like a competent football team.

Northwestern is broken.

Purdue is officially back to being Purdue.

Illinois is still Illinois.

Rutgers is still that dysfunctional cousin that makes you feel really, really good about how your life is going.

Arizona State wasn’t cool with being ranked in the top 25. Come on, Herm. Make us look good. Losing to San Diego State is not how to do that.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Random

Consider me shook on next week’s game. Then again, admittedly, that shouldn’t mean much coming from me. I could get freaked out over a MSU-East Lansing High School matchup.

But Indiana…doesn’t look terrible. They don’t have any impressive wins this season, beating Florida International, Virginia and Ball State, but they still look like a steady team. Their run game averages over 200 yards a game. The pass game is effective, only throwing two interceptions on the season.

And I also have PTSD about night games after what went down in Tempe. The fact that it will be 35 degrees cooler in Bloomington than Tempe might help though.


What’s your confidence level at for MSU vs. Indiana?

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Hey, the volleyball team is rolling right now! The Spartans move to 12-1 on the season after their solid weekend at home.

Just going to shamelessly plug my own tweet here:

Preseason polls are dumb and any argument against that is dumb.

As always, GO GREEN!