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This is a Kenny Goins appreciation post

As simple as that. We just love Kenny Goins.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

I won’t even lie, I was like the most of us.

Kenny Goins would hit the floor for an average of 14 minutes last year, and I would wonder why. Two years ago he would start just under half of MSU’s games, and while the roster limitations were the cause for that, it would still irk me.

Why was this former walk-on playing at the rate he was?

Before I go any further – Kenny, if you’re reading this – I am sorry. Even if he’s not reading this, I’m still sorry. I feel like an idiot (family and friends nod their heads in agreement).

I know Kenny didn’t hear me in my living room 100 miles away from East Lansing say out loud to no one “why is this guy getting minutes?” But, hey, I’m still sorry.

Good ol’ Kenny G has silenced just about every doubter this season, and what has that done? It’s given MSU a 9-0 start in Big Ten play that this team probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the former walk-on.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Where do we even begin to dissect how his 7.1 points and 9.6 rebounds per game have impacted the Spartans?

How about his biggest game of the season, where he dropped 19 points and 14 rebounds in MSU’s first blowout win over Iowa? Or his 14 point, 12 rebound outing against a red-hot Maryland team that’s amongst the best in the nation on the boards.

Or how he’s grabbed double-digit rebounds in six of MSU’s nine Big Ten wins? Or the fact his season-low for rebounds in Big Ten play is eight? Eight! That’s still a great game on the glass!

He’s also playing a above his weight on defense, often getting paired up with someone that’s a few inches taller than his 6-foot-6 frame. He stands in the pocket, takes the blows and still makes life tough for whoever has the displeasure of matching up with him.

His rebounding along has made MSU the team it is today. His defense has been stout. And his scoring in many games has been just the cherry on top.

All of this from a walk-on who’s done nothing but grow into the player MSU absolutely needs this season. We can’t appreciate Kenny enough for what he’s been doing this season.