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MSU Football given 150/1 odds of winning National Championship

So you’re saying there’s a chance! Michigan State football given long odds of winning a national championship next season.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of another disappointing season, the program’s second in three years, the Michigan State Spartans football team has its eyes on getting back on track. According to Las Vegas experts, that likely won’t include a national championship run.

Caesars Palace released their odds of winning the 2019 National Championship this week. Michigan State was given long odds of winning a title, 150/1.

Put in english, that means a bet of $10 would pay out a healthy $1500.

All the expected names are at the top of the list. Clemson has ridiculous 2/1 odds of repeating as champions. The Tigers are followed by Alabama at 5/2 and Georgia at 6/1. Ohio State is given the best odds in the Big Ten, 15/1, and Michigan at 20/1.

The Spartans are right in the middle of the Big Ten pack according to Caesars, tied for the seventh best odds behind OSU, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State and Nebraska. Purdue is even with MSU at 150/1.

Being a long-shot isn’t new for the Spartans, but it may be a little rough to see them behind or even with teams like Iowa, Nebraska and Purdue. Over the last decade, the Spartans have fought hard to be grouped in a different category than those teams, even if they don’t get the consistent respect as Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan receive.

The odds are noticeably different than last year when the Spartans were among the Big Ten Favorites and around 30/1. As is evident by how the 2018 season played out, these odds are far from the best predictor. With that in mind, a small amount of money on the Spartans isn’t the biggest waste of money imaginable, and it’s made even better if it’s the impetus for a trip to Las Vegas to get away from Hoth Michigan.