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FanPulse Results: What is “fan confidence?”

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Penn State v Michigan State Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

For the third game in a row, the Michigan State Spartans were dominated by a top-10 opponent. This team is in shambles right now heading into its second bye week in the past three weeks. But the schedule should get easier the rest of the way, and although there are definitely still challenges (namely, Michigan), MSU has a chance to finish the regular season with eight wins.

The constant beatdowns this team has taken — combined with questionable coaching decisions, a plethora of injuries, a lack of a functioning offense and a defense that is underachieving — has Spartans fans in a panic:

What is this fan confidence you speak of? Apparently, it’s nearly nonexistent for Spartan Nation. Only 15 percent of MSU fans have hope in the current direction of the program, but even that seems a little high at the moment. I expect MSU to win at least three of its last four contests and make a bowl game, but it’s going to be some low-level matchup in December.

MSU has a chance to regroup, get healthy and spend extra time preparing for an Illinois team that stunned Wisconsin — you know, the team that beat Michigan State 38 to zip — but also was defeated by Eastern Michigan early in the season.

FanPulse Top-25:

We have a new No. 1! LSU has surpassed Alabama, as both teams head into a bye this week before facing each other in a Week 11 showdown. The Tigers are coming off of a big win against, well the Tigers of Auburn. Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson round out the top-four, while Penn State is up one spot to No. 5 after its shellacking over MSU. Oklahoma moves down to No. 8 after being upset by Kansas State.

The undefeated Nittany Lions take on the undefeated Minnesota Golden Gophers next week, who check into the list at No. 13. Michigan is up to No. 18 after embarrassing Notre Dame (and oddly enough, Notre Dame still ranks four spots higher here). Wisconsin is down to No. 19 after back-to-back defeats. Iowa barely slides back into the top-25, while Louisiana Tech and Memphis make the rankings this week.

National question of the week: What was most surprising from Week 9?

Nothing too surprising here, as hardly anybody believed K-State would be Oklahoma. With, Michigan, I am sure many people thought Michigan could win that game, but not many thought it would be in blowout fashion. Meanwhile, the Kansas and Texas Tech ending was nothing short of bizarre.

Here are the full results:

  1. Kansas State upsetting Oklahoma - 57.8 percent
  2. Michigan demolishing Notre Dame - 28.5 percent
  3. Texas Tech and Kansas ending - 6.1 percent
  4. Rutgers winning a game - 3.8 percent
  5. TCU upsetting Texas - 2.6 percent
  6. UConn winning a game - 1.4 percent

The Only Colors Top-25:

1. Ohio State

2. Alabama

3. LSU

4. Clemson

5. Penn State

6. Georgia

7. Florida

8. Oklahoma

9. Utah

10. Auburn

11. Oregon

12. Baylor

13. Minnesota

14. SMU

15. Cincinnati

16. Wisconsin

17. Notre Dame

18. Appalachian State

19. Michigan

20. Wake Forest

21. San Diego State

22. Boise State

23. Memphis

24. Iowa

25. Louisiana Tech

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