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FanPulse Results: Confidence continues to slide for Michigan State fans

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Indiana v Michigan State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Michigan State Spartans were dominated by the Ohio State Buckeyes last weekend in a 34-10 loss. This result was probably expected, and MSU had some opportunities but couldn’t execute. Still, the loss has caused a dip in fan confidence.

This is the second consecutive week that confidence has slid. We’ve gone from 83 percent confidence following Week 4, to 68 percent confidence after Week 5 and now all the way down to 54 percent following Week 6. With another tough matchup on the road brewing in Madison this weekend, I see one of two scenarios playing out. We could very well see a complete fall off the cliff next week, or if MSU steals one in Wisconsin, then expect confidence to skyrocket. There won’t be much in between.

Speaking of next week, there are some intriguing games across the college football landscape, which brings us our FanPulse question of the week:

I voted for Oklahoma versus Texas in the Red River Rivalry myself, and the majority of FanPulse nation agrees with me (38.5 percent). However, Florida/LSU is set to be a great matchup of undefeated SEC teams under the lights, so it’s not surprising that 32 percent of voters chose that one. Penn State versus Iowa appears to be the most exciting Big Ten matchup this week (10.1 percent of votes), while USC and Notre Dame (8.3 percent) rarely disappoints. Meanwhile, the SB Nation faithful isn’t very interested in Florida State/Clemson (5.1 percent), Alabama/Texas A&M (4.3 percent) or Bucknell/Colgate (1.7 percent).

FanPulse Top-25:

Oh boy. For the first time this season, Michigan State has fallen out of the FanPulse nation top-25. The Spartans also fell out of the AP top-25 poll this week. Alabama holds steady at No. 1 for the second consecutive week, while Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia and LSU round out the top-five. MSU’s opponent this week, Wisconsin, looks strong at No. 7. Penn State, Michigan and Iowa make it five teams for the Big Ten.

The Only Colors top-25:

1. Ohio State

2. Alabama

3. Clemson

4. Georgia

5. LSU

6. Oklahoma

7. Wisconsin

8. Florida

9. Notre Dame

10. Penn State

11. Texas

12. Auburn

13. Oregon

14. Boise State

15. Utah

16. Michigan

17. Washington

18. Iowa

19. Arizona State

20. UCF

21. Wake Forest

22. Virginia

23. Oklahoma State

24. SMU

25. Michigan State

We’re not giving up that easily. We just barely kept Michigan State in our ballots at No. 25. Also of note, after seeing what the Buckeyes can do first hand, the TOC community collectively believes that Ohio State is the best team in the nation.

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