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College basketball is coming to SB Nation FanPulse! Sign up to show your fandom!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

OK, I know football season has been tough to watch thus far if you’re a Michigan State Spartans fan. However, college basketball season is just days away and there are plenty of things to be excited about on the hardwood.

Many of you may already be signed up for SB Nation’s FanPulse, which is great! That means you’re automatically signed up for basketball season as well. But, if not, and you consider yourself a plugged-in MSU basketball fan or want to be more involved, then here’s your chance to join in! Sign up here if you’re interested.

For those of you who are unaware what FanPulse is, I’ll explain. A weekly survey is sent out following the conclusion of the week — so for college football, the survey is sent out late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Voters let us know if they’re confident, not confident or somewhere in the middle. They also vote on the top-25 teams for that week and there is usually a national question to go along with it, such as “Who is your leading Heisman candidate right now?”

Now, moving forward, a basketball question will be added to this survey throughout the remainder of football season, and then as football season ends, it will be strictly focused on basketball. How I understand it is there will not be a basketball top-25, at least not during the remainder of football season, but fans will vote on confidence and possibly other questions.

Michigan State is the No. 1 team in the nation heading into a season opener showdown against No. 2 Kentucky, and despite the big blow the team just took with the Joshua Langford injury news, there is a lot to be confident about for MSU basketball in 2019-2020.

Join FanPulse today to have your voice heard! Sign up here.