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The Only Podcast (11-12-19) — Bigger Than Sports

Rest In Peace Zach Winston and Charles Rogers

NCAA Basketball: Binghamton at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s The Only Podcast, Austin and John discuss...

(0-11) Remembering Zach Winston and Charles Rogers

(11-28) Basketball Week Recap - Not great, but not worried

(28-34) Seton Hall Preview - Myles Powell isn’t playing but you should still watch

(34-47) Illinois Recap - We have reached a new low

(47-59) Week 11 Review - Joe Burrow is your new overlord, except in Minnesota

(59-1:04) Week 12 Preview - Georgia-Auburn in the “it doesn’t matter but its fun bowl”

(1:04-1:15) Why This Program Stinks - Michigan: The Leaders of no one and The Best at nothing

(1:15-FIN) Michigan Preview - UM should win, but maybe they won’t