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MSU Basketball: Postgame Thread

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports


Bad start, 17 first-half turnovers, tons of missed assignments on defense and the defensive glass, an improved first 10 mins of the second half (only 6 turnovers!), slightly better offensive execution, better defense, the first lead, and a failure to execute on offense in the final minutes of the game.

Winston with some really poor turnovers.

Ward, Tillman, and Goins with only spurts of effectiveness on either end and no consistency in any one facet of the game.

Ahrens and McQuaid missing tons of assignments on defense and on the defensive glass. Some not-terrible numbers erased from our minds by some horrendous missed plays and opportunities by Ahrens (especially) in a crucial 9 point run after MSU had taken a 3 point lead.

Another mind-numbingly frustrating loss. MSU has a lot of soul-searching to do and needs to start playing with anger, focus, and passion from the opening tip. The good news is that we will be firmly flying under the radar from here on out!

Go Green.