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Opinion: Izzo’s legacy will never recover after wild, never-before-seen outburst

Firing Izzo just isn’t enough after he yelled at a player

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Point blank, Tom Izzo will never recover from this.

How can he, really? And really, does he even deserve to come back from yelling at Aaron Henry in their game against Bradley?

You’ve seen it by now — you’ll need to sit your children down and talk to them about this. Izzo yelled at Henry. Guys...he yelled a lot. And he even did this...

*Disclaimer: The next image is horrible and not meant for the weak to see*

It’s disturbing...a closed fist he ended up striking Henry with did...something with?

Guys, this isn’t the Izzo we know. We’ve never seen a passionate Izzo get on his players after blown defensive assignments. We’ve never seen Izzo challenge his players in a huddle. We’ve never seen Izzo even yell loudly. It’s scary times.

Someone who has their finger on the pulse is none other than Skip Bayliss. He knows college hoops more than anyone, and you can tell he’s watched and been around Izzo enough to call him out on it.

Skip, thank you for your service. That’s a man who has poured over hours and hours of college basketball and was brave enough to speak out about the first time in decades a coach raised his voice at a player. Just a brilliant mind that only the bright sports fans in the world can enjoy.

You’ve got outlets that are loaded with former athletes, respected sports analysts and level-headed people like Deadspin and the New York Post condemning Izzo. Good — the more these respected people voice their well-thought-out reactions, the quicker Izzo is rightfully fined or suspended or something.

Here’s where it gets really alarming if you’re a MSU fan — former players lashing out and exposing Izzo for the monster he really is:

Really? That’s the look you want, MSU? Man. No wonder no players ever come back to visit Izzo or the program. They just can’t stand the guy because he’s mean during games sometimes.

The disturbing part of all of this is how Aaron Henry feels. After being pulled from the game immediately, Izzo threw him in solitary confinement in a metal shed and had assistant coach Dane Fife throw basketballs at it too. Henry was distraught in the postgame locker room. Just read this quote and tell me this isn’t a kid that is broken and thinking of pressing charges against his coach:


I don’t know what you do at this point. Everything that Michigan State’s program was built on is in shambles. MSU coaches aren’t supposed to expect more from players or toughen them — they should mold them into players that willfully fold and make key errors.

If MSU doesn’t fire him — and they should once he’s arrested for this horrible abuse — then I’m out.

This isn’t the Izzo I’ve watched for 20+ years. Not at all.