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Just some random thoughts on MSU basketball beating Duke

That’s it. Just a bunch of random thoughts.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Michigan State vs Duke Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It’s late, but my body is telling me it’s mid-day.

That win will keep me up until Wednesday.

So, screw it, LET’S DO SOME BLOGGIN’.

Above anything, I think it’s super-duper-insanely-incredibly awesome that Kenny Goins now goes down as a Spartan legend. Yeah, he was always good and was going to be remembered for his great senior year. But now? After THAT shot? Yeah, he’s a Jalen Watts-Jackson-level legend now.

After starting his career as a walk-on and after starting the game on 1-7 3-point shooting, he went on and splashed home a 3-ball that sunk Duke. For a Final Four banner.

Goins has given everything for this program. He’s gone from walk-on to a guy that has MSU where they are today. He’s earned everything he’s received, especially that title of “Spartan Legend” he will forever wear.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Michigan State vs Duke Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Izzo’s record against Coach K is now in “Who cares?” status. Yeah, he’s 2-11 against him all time. Yeah, I might be a victim of the moment. And, uh, yeah...that’s arguably the most talented college basketball of all time he just took down. FOR A FINAL FOUR.

A decade from now when people see that record, they can think what they want. I know what I’m thinking about — Izzo and the squad beating a Duke team with three NBA lottery picks (one of which would’ve been an Eastern Conference all-star this season). Not some Champions Classic game or some ACC/Big Ten Challenge matchup. I’ll be thinking of Izzo crashing the 2018-19 Duke Hype Train. FOR A FINAL FOUR.

Xavier Tillman is one of my favorite people on this earth. 19 points, nine rebounds, three steals, two blocks and four hard fouls.

And it’s stuff that doesn’t show on the box score too, like how he’s able to switch onto guards and defend them with no problem. Oh, and this too...

And holding Zion to 24 points on 10-19 shooting is actually pretty good! He was a true dawg once again tonight.

Again, maybe I’m caught up in the moment, but this might be my favorite MSU basketball team of all time. I know, I know — the 2000 team. They were fantastic, but I was also eight at the time, so that probably has something to do with it.

But this team is such a fun group of guys to root for. The way they fight through adversity time and time again. The raw talent this team has. The defense. The dancing. All of it.

The 2015 was a fun, gritty bunch that got it done. The 2009-10 teams were loaded with talent and a blast to watch. Heck, any team Drew Neitzel was on (one of my favorites) has a place in my heart. Really, all teams have been great to watch.

But man...there’s just something about this team and their combination of skill, attitude and resilience.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Michigan State vs Duke Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I truly haven’t felt a feeling like that since the Jalen Watts-Jackson play. Before that inbounds play to seal it, I went through dozens of scenarios. Duke stealing the ball on the inbounds, push-off foul being called, five second violation, inbound it cleanly but get fouled, inbound it cleanly but then turn it over, etc.

The one scenario I did not come close to thinking about was MSU getting the ball inbounds and just running out the clock. The combination of the unexpected to the “holy crap, we just won” feeling led to this...


Here’s a replay of that Matt McQuaid dunk since CBS wouldn’t let you watch it again. If he was in a Duke jersey, that replay would’ve been shown 498 times.

Whoever Henry dunked on wasn’t too thrilled with, ya know, getting dunked on.

What the hell is ESPN even going to talk about this week with their sweet, sweet Zion and Co. not playing anymore?

Eight Final Fours by Tom Izzo. That’s absolutely insane. That’s all.

Uhh...heck yeah, Kenny.

How is Shannon Sharpe not in wrestling?

Remember that one time Bradley was beating us with, like, eight minutes or something left in the game? Wow, great times.