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The Only Podcast (3-5-19) — Austin and John Run For (Co) Commissioner

Our Solemn Promise: MORE PUNTING

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s The Only Podcast, Austin (@acsmith06) and John (@john_kirby) talk...

(0 - 15) New and Notes: Jim Delaney is done as Commissioner. We throw our co-hats into the ring. One Promise: MORE PUNTING.

Women’s Basketball Update: Sliding into the Tournament

Hoop Crootin’: The Rocket is Landing, Keion is declaring and Izzo may have found his Marbles.

(15 - 32ish) IU Recap: Only because we have to.

(32ish - 42) IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: How much would it take for you to get punched by a boxer?

(42 - 56) Around The B1G: If Purdue wins the Big Ten, does anyone notice?

(56 - 1:02) Nebraska Preview: Tim Miles - Dead Man Walking

(1:02 - FIN) Michigan Preview: Rematch. Enough said.