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Could MSU land 5-star big man N’Faly Dante...for 2019?!

It’s still kind of a long shot...but it’s something

Minnesota v Michigan State Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The news is pretty slow these days, but this should be enough to get some eyebrows raised.

According to Jake Weingarten of Stock Risers, MSU offered 5-star, 6-foot-11 big man N’Faly Dante out of Sunrise Christian in Wichita, Kan.

Now, MSU offering a top-15 recruit isn’t world-shattering news...until the idea of him being able to reclassify to 2019 gets thrown around.

It’s also worth adding that Dante and 2019 signee Malik Hall are also teammates at Sunrise Christian and AAU together. That could only help MSU at this point.

With MSU having one scholarship still open for next season, this gets a little enticing. Of course the Spartans still have transfers on their radar like Virginia Tech’s Kerry Blackshear — who has about 500 schools trying to nab him too — and the Hauser brothers out of Marquette. But hey, Dante could be an option too.

On a scale of 1-to-Kenny Goins shot vs. Duke, this is still around a 3 on the excitement scale. A lot needs to happen, like him officially reclassifying and MSU beating out other heavyweight teams like Kansas and Kentucky for his services.

But hey, we can dream. Right?