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The Only Podcast (5-23-19) — With Special Guest Host Matt Sheehan

Featuring a whole heaping helping of Ed Cooley talk

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

John is off this week selfishly taking his honeymoon, SO on this week’s The Only Podcast, a totally not betrayed feeling Austin (@ACSmith06) and Guest Host Matt Sheehan (@Sheehan_Sports) talk...

(0-2) Intro - Matt seems nice. The banter is strong.

(2 - 19) Football - NFL Draft recap, Is LJ Scott Ok? Also, is he an MSU legend? The 2020 Class welcomes another member

(19 - 28) Basketball - Draymond Green, Hall of Famer. Jaren Jackson, All Rookie Team. Everything is good.

(28 - FIN) Basketball - Ed Cooley got an extension. That’s it. Lots of Ed Cooley talk. You expected something else?