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The Only Podcast (7-23-19) — RIP Heave

I heaved, you heaved, we all heaved

Big Ten Football Media Days

RIP Heave, we hardly knew ye. Also, you can tell its summer because we talked about #THEHOTSEAT for almost an hour. Please send football.

On this week’s The Only Podcast, Austin (@ACSmith06) and John (@John_Kirby) talk...

(0 - 1) Intro

(2 - 45) The Inaugural 2019 Big Ten Coaches Hot Seat Meter - Only One Swampy Butt...For Now

(45 - 50) Big Ten Media Day Update - “Chase The Moment”. Ok!

(50 - 58) Big Ten Realignment - Man vs Beast

(58 - 1:12) RANK EM: Non-Con Schedules - Shame on you, IU

(1:12 - FIN) Position Previews: Secondary - New Faces in the #NoFlyZone