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FanPulse Results After Week 4: Confidence on the rise for Michigan State fans

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 07 Western Michigan at Michigan State Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Following the first loss of the season, the Michigan State Spartans bounced back in a big way with a dominant performance on the road against the Northwestern Wildcats.

There were many things to like in this game. The MSU offense showed up and Brian Lewerke looked crisp. The defense remained stout, especially Joe Bachie. The Spartans broke their losing streak against the Wildcats. And, of course, starting Big Ten play at 1-0 is huge. Fans took notice of all of this as confidence has increased.

You may have noticed that FanPulse results were not posted last week. This was because there was a glitch in the system and many participants did not receive the survey, so the data was skewed. But it’s fair to assume that confidence decreased following the loss to Arizona State, and the chart confirms this to be true. We are back on the up-and-up following Week 4, though.

Confidence was at 100 percent after Week 2. It then fell dramatically after the Week 3 loss, but is now back up to 83 percent heading into homecoming weekend.

More good news — Michigan State remains in the FanPulse top-25. MSU was also voted back into the AP top-25 this week.

Here is how the national top-25 on FanPulse looks:

Michigan State is at No. 17, which is right around where it has been for the majority of the season. Wisconsin is all the way up to No. 8 after a blowout win over Michigan. Of course, the Wolverines find themselves on a downward spiral, slipping to No. 18. Other Big Ten teams include Ohio State (No. 6), Penn State (No. 12) and Iowa (No. 15). This gives the conference six teams in total.

Here is how the The Only Colors faithful voted in the top-25:

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Georgia

4. LSU

5. Ohio State

6. Oklahoma

7. Auburn

8. Wisconsin

9. Florida

10. Notre Dame

11. Texas

12. Penn State

13. Oregon

14. Iowa

15. Utah

16. Texas A&M

17. Michigan State

18. Washington

19. UCF

20. USC

21. Boise State

22. Michigan

23. Virginia

24. Washington State

25. Cal

The only real difference here between TOC and the national crowd is that we (naturally) knock that school in Ann Arbor down a few pegs. Other than that just a few subtle differences with the teams ranked in the 18-25 area.

Elsewhere in the FanPulse realm, a new question was raised this week. Who is the most overrated team in the NCAA?

Lol. The only correct answer.

  • Michigan: 60.24 percent
  • Florida: 14.98 percent
  • UCF: 9.38 percent
  • Notre Dame: 6.71 percent
  • Utah: 4.09 percent
  • Texas: 3.25 percent
  • Ohio State: 1.36 percent

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