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Game Thread: Rutgers at Michigan State, Second Half

Rutgers v Michigan State Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

So yeah, we got football back. I guess I do remember Mel Tucker came out against Nebraska in the second half last season as a first year head coach down 17, and proceeded to come back for a win in overtime. So there’s that. But our Michigan State Spartans currently trail the Rutgers Scarlet Knights 28-13 as we begin the second half.

Frankly, MSU’s offense is shooting this team in the foot. Four turnovers, including three fumbles and an interception thrown to who knows where setting up Rutgers in field goal range has just handed the game over to the Scarlet Knights thus far. MSU’s stat sheet is in the lead on passing, with a 153-72 advantage. The rush game, however, MSU is getting blown up at the line with musical running backs. MSU has just 44 yards to Rutger’s 94.

The Spartans need to shake off the rust, that is for sure. Let’s see a big turnaround this second half State!