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NEW MERCH: Red State? Blue State? Nah, Michigan is a Green State!

Michigan State beat Michigan once again on Saturday. This state bleeds green. Check out BreakingT’s latest shirt design.

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In case you haven’t heard, the Michigan State Spartans beat the Michigan Wolverines for the ninth time in the past 13 games, and for the fifth time in the last seven outings in Ann Arbor.

Also, in case you haven’t heard, there is a pretty big election taking place on Tuesday. Not to get political on here, but Michigan is considered a key battleground state in said election. A lot of people are curious — Is Michigan a blue state? Is it a red state?

All we know, as of right now, is that the only colors that run this state are green and white.

BreakingT is celebrating Michigan State’s big upset win over the Michigan Wolverines, with a brand new shirt design: “This Is A Green State.”

Here is a closeup of the design below:


If you’re interested, you can purchase one of these T-shirts for $29. Simply click the box below or the linked text above. Some of the proceeds will go toward helping out your favorite Michigan State blog, but, of course, no pressure.

Go Green!

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