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Saturday Football Open Thread

Despite MSU’s game being cancelled, there is still plenty of Big Ten and other college football happening today.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

While the Michigan State at Maryland game today was cancelled due to COVID-19 issues among the Terps (along with 16 other games so far this week that have been postponed or cancelled), there is still a lot of Big Ten and college football happening today. If you are like many of us here at The Only Colors, you are likely going to be watching at least some of those games.

With that in mind, we figured we would have an open game thread you can feel free to drop in and join throughout the day as you’re getting your college football fix. For easy reference, here are the other Big Ten game matchups, kickoff times, and network information, along with a few other games I think are worth mentioning because of my own personal rooting biases:

Noon Slot:

Late Afternoon:

Prime Time/After Dark:

Crazy things that may or may not happen among these games and so the reasons to watch, or other observations:

  • Indiana keeps sole possession of first place in the the Big Ten East? Least likely, but it’s not totally absurd. Really there isn’t a lot of great football outside of this game in the noon time-slot, either
  • Wisconsin and the actual NU should be an interesting matchup
  • I like Oregon as my Pac-12 team. So sue me.
  • Why not watch Duzzi and Pitt?
  • How funny would it be if Michigan lost to Rutgers? For the second time in Big Ten play at that. Yeah, it’s worth watching in the faint hope 2020 can keep delivering pain and suffering to the Harbaugh led (or lack there of of leadership) squad.
  • Why is the SEC filled with as many same mascot problems as the Big Ten is of red teams? (Three Tigers mascots and two bulldogs?! Get a little more original why don’t you!)
  • I hate the Big 12 and Oklahoma. I hope the Sooners lose because I am tired of them making it into the CFP without having a defense. That’s the only reason why this game is on the list.