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The Good, The Bad, The Random in MSU’s yikes-filled performance at Iowa

We’ve seen enough

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Yep, we’ve seen enough.

It’s time to go through the post game rundown.


The weather.


Rocky Lombardi going back out on the field after his third interception was wildly irresponsible. It’s either a) he’s hurt and shouldn’t be in the game or b) he’s making horrible decisions and shouldn’t be in the game or c) both.

I get it’s the kid’s homecoming game. Just fly out his family to East Lansing or something next week or next season.

Who cares if Theo Day and Payton Thorne are a few steps behind Rocky? What does it matter? You are down 35-0 at halftime and your starter is throwing the ball everywhere. Just put someone else in.

Rocky was far from being the only issue Saturday. Once again, no push in the run game. Dropped passes. Offense was awful.

Defense was not good at all. Front seven getting bullied, secondary getting sliced up.

The punt team needs a complete overhaul minus the punter himself. Bryce Barringer needs to ditch the line drive punt, but he’s still the best punting option on this roster. He had a great game against Michigan.

The other 10 players on that unit? I have a very, very hard time believing you can’t find 10 better players to get some semblance of coverage on these returns. I’m not going to name names, but are the gunners coached to whiff on every single tackle attempt? This isn’t a problem just today either – Michigan ate them up in the punt return game too.

The decision to kick a 49-yard field goal down 21-0 makes me question why they didn’t just fly home at halftime. Fourth-and-five and you kick a 49-yarder into the wind? That’s a losing play and you told your team, the other team and anyone watching that you are no longer playing to win anymore. What on earth does a 21-3 score do in the grand scheme of things? Do you have a bet slip with MSU +18.5 on it?


TBD, will come back to this later.

Go Green.