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TOC Staff Picks: Ohio State vs. Michigan State

Fresh off a top 10 win, can the Spartans pull off another upset? See what our writers think

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Michigan State Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State is coming off a win over a top 10 opponent and the schedule doesn’t get any lighter with Ohio State up next.

The Spartans enter as 23.5 point underdogs, but they’ve seen similar lines this year and have still managed to win. Can the Spartans pull the unthinkable and beat OSU? See what our writers think.

Ryan O’Bleness

Ohio State 37, Michigan State 17

The Spartans show some fight, but at the end of the day, the Buckeyes, even if short-handed, have too much fire-power to keep up with.

Matt Sheehan

Ohio State 300, Michigan State 17

All right so both times I’ve messed around and wrote a joke prediction score, MSU has won both times. So I’ll be damned if I’m stopping now.

On a real note, I don’t think this game is close even with Ohio State missing some players. Their backups could give it a good run in the NFC East. The Buckeyes — who need a good (possibly) final game for the playoff committee — will try to flex as much as they can.

Kevin Knight

Ohio State 35, Michigan State 17

This game probably shouldn’t be getting played right now. I don’t say that because of the fact it’s going to be a loss for Michigan State, but because I have a hard time believing Ohio State is doing the “right” thing here by all parties involved. Either way, even if it’s their second string in key positions, the Buckeyes are likely to keep this one easily out of reach. Strong stands by the Spartan defense and a run game that can get just enough yards to open up the passes keeps it from being another shutout on MSU’s part.

Zach Manning

Ohio State 41, Michigan State 20

Even though Ohio State is expected to be shorthanded, the Buckeyes still have a wealth of talent to throw on the field. MSU has shown improvement over the last few weeks, and I think that continues. But with Ohio State needing big wins to make the playoff, the Spartans will have a tough time hanging around.

David Harns

Ohio State 30-60, Michigan State 10-27

It’s hard to predict stuff in a covid world. I have no idea who will be available to play and coach. But I’m certain Ohio State will win. Best case scenario is 30-27. Worst case is 60-10. Who knows?

Paul Fanson

Ohio State 42, Michigan State 17

Just like I said last week the numbers (and common sense) do not favor MSU this week. The Buckeyes simply operate on a different plane compared to the rest of the conference. As a 22-point underdog, MSU’s odds to win are only about six percent, but the analysis prior to the Michigan and Northwestern games told the same story. Can lightning strike three times this year? Perhaps. If Ohio State is at full strength in a normal year, then no, I think MSU likely gets blown out (which still is very likely). But, with no Ryan Day on the sidelines, an unknown number of players missing, and limited practise time, MSU might just have a chance. The Spartans would need a little luck, but a win is still possible. That said, my official pick is still a 20-plus point loss.

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