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Game Thread: Ohio State at Michigan State

Michigan State v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Michigan State Spartans look to continue their trend of giant slayers under head coach Mel Tucker with a second top-10 upset as the Ohio State Buckeyes come to Spartan Stadium despite a COVID-19 outbreak among the roster and staff causing the team to cancel its game at Illinois last week, no matter what false claims the athletic department tried to make to the contrary.

The Spartans have played the Buckeyes generally close the last four games in Spartan Stadium. Two have come down to just one point differences, while all four total 34 points across all games. If you take out the 2018 game, its just 14 points total. That doesn’t really matter much and is something a Jim Harbaugh apologist would overly focus on, but I mostly mention it to highlight how badly the Buckeyes have tended to play in East Lansing this decade. Compare that to last season’s 29-point blowout win at Michigan or 2015’s also 29 point blowout win in Ann Arbor.

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