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FanPulse: Michigan State fans are excited for Mel Tucker

Despite rocky search, Spartans fans appear to be ready for the Mel Tucker era to begin.

Maryland v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

It may not have been the prettiest process – in fact it was flat out ugly for a while – but Michigan State Spartans fans are happy with where the program has found itself.

According to the most recent FanPulse voting, Michigan State fans are happy with the hiring of Mel Tucker as the football team’s head coach. Asked directly if they feel good about the hire, fans voted in the affirmative in overwhelming fashion.

Since the hiring, Tucker has been able to keep all of the recruits in place. He has also done an admirable job of putting together a staff that fans can be excited about, even if none of them were headline-making names.

This all comes just a couple of weeks after fans expressed just how unhappy they were with the program.

In the previous week’s FanPulse results, more than half of responding fans felt worse about the program after Mark Dantonio retired than they did before. A majority of fans were also expecting Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Luke Fickell to become the next coach.

Assuming Tucker continues to put together his staff with names like he has so far and current players don’t jump ship, it feels safe to say fans will remain onboard through the offseason.

What remains up for debate is how long after the start of the season those good vibes will last. A large segment of the fanbase seems to have accepted the program is in full on rebuilding mode, while more would be perfectly content with a bowl season. All of that, of course, would still be a big step backwards from where the program was just a few years ago.