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FanPulse: Let’s figure out what WOULD have happened

We’re turning to the fans to decide how the NCAA Tournament would have played out.

Wofford v Arkansas Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

At about this time in an alternate universe, the second full day of NCAA Tournament games would be tipping off. In our universe, we are stuck wondering what could have been.

While we’re unable to watch Cassius Winston undoubtedly drain bucket after bucket leading the Michigan State Spartans to another national championship, we can still get the title with a little help from the fanbase.

This year, instead of watching the games, we in the SB Nation community are turning to FanPulse to decide what would* have happened. Using the last bracket built by SBN’s Chris Dobbertean on Wednesday before all hell broke lose, we’re asking fans to pick a winner to each game. We will continue through the tournament, roughly on the same schedule as what would have been happening, until the people’s champion is named.

*”Would” only applies if Michigan State is selected, because as we know, they are the only true champion

I’m not going to lie, this is not a bracket that Spartans fans would have been particularly happy with. Yes, they are the three-seed in a region where both the one- and two-seeds are untested, but there are two other Big Ten teams in their half of the bracket, and a third in Michigan in the other half. There is also Louisville and fellow 2019 Final Four team Auburn. So, yeah, things are tough.

Fortunately, the Spartans don’t have to worry about beating Illinois for a third time, or figuring out what to do with Obi Toppin. Instead, it’s up to us fans to make sure they get where they belong.

The first round of voting is currently open, so get those votes in now as No. 3 MSU tries to avoid the upset against No. 14 UC Irvine. If the Spartans can win this one, voting for the second round opens up again Monday morning.

If you’re not already signed up for the NCAA FanPulse surveys, have your voice heard both nationally and locally.

Until we can celebrate again, let’s all just watch this and be happy: