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The Only Podcast (3-2-20) — Maurice Mentum is in the House

He goes by Mo

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

On this edition of The Only Podcast, Austin (@ACSmith06) and John (@John_Kirby) talk...

(0-3) Hockey and Women’s Hoops: Taryn McCutchen is a bad ass

(3-12) Football: New Hires - We have ourselves a beard

(12-16) NFL Combine - Josiah is fast, Kenny is strong and Brian has some mitts

(16-43) Basketball: Maryland Recap - Big Boy Win. Now keep going.


(44 - 59) Penn State/Ohio State Preview: Time to prove last week wasn’t a fluke

(56 - 1:03) Week in Review: Virginia? Again?

(1:03 - 1:29) GOODNESS MATRIX: This edition smells

(1:29 - FIN) Week Preview: Conference Tourney SZN is here