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Worst Michigan State Jerseys of the 2010s

Yesterday we looked at the best, and today brings us to the worst unis worn by our Spartans.

California v Michigan State Photo by Danny Moloshok/Getty Images

Jersey week continues here at SB Nation, and today The Only Colors takes a look at the worst jerseys of the last decade. Had we not limited it to just this decade, that 2002 uniform would have been stiff competition as most of us here probably remember those truly horrid shoulders the design produced. Unlike yesterday’s best sets of uniforms, today we are picking just the single absolute worst uniform set for each of football and basketball.


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 07 Western Michigan at Michigan State Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Big shocker here I am sure. This jersey alternate was so truly terrible, MSU cared so little about this attack on the eyes they didn’t even bother to wait for the whole uniform to arrive before unveiling this one. Where to begin on this design with so little time. The “State” font is awful and gets sunk into the armpits as it is overly stretched across the chest. The font itself is cheap looking and raises more controversy than comic sans. Those pants are such a burning trash heap of a mess I feel nauseous just mentioning them. Finally, the helmet’s neon green Spartan logo is gaudy and clashes with the standard Spartan green something awful. This jersey needs to be retired with the start of a new coaching regime in East Lansing for the sake of every human’s corneas out there. If you don’t care about our eye health, then do it for the children so they don’t look back on their childhood wondering why they liked this uniform like my own generation looks back at bowl cuts. Okay, that’s harsh on bowl cuts. Even those were top notch runway material compared to this monstrosity.


Maryland v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Once again, I doubt there is any surprise here. The 2016 Nike “Mean Green” Hyper Elite alternates win this distinction. Costello bear hug aside, these jerseys were nauseating and hurt the eyes. Not only that, they also broke copyright laws as the North Texas Mean Green pointed out more than once in the wake of these mistake of a uniform. Thankfully, unlike the football alternate of the 2019 season these jerseys were promptly shoved into the back of the closet and forgotten about until some future secret spring cleaning rushed them out the door in double-bagged black Glad ForceFlex scented trash bags and deposited straight into a landfill where they belong.