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Michigan State Plans To Have Campus Open This Fall

President Stanley made the announcement earlier this afternoon that campus will be planning to open this fall.

Minnesota v Michigan State Photo by Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

As the nation continues to grapple with the ongoing pandemic and the question of how and when will life resemble something closer to “normal,” President Stanley gave an indication of the answer earlier this afternoon. It was announced Michigan State plans to begin the semester as originally planned on September 2 and classes will have both in-person and online components.

However, all in-person class sessions will cease on November 25 and move to online only for the remaining three weeks of the semester, including study groups and final exams. Students will have the option to either remain on campus through the end of the semester, including staying over Thanksgiving break, or to return to their home for break and not return to campus.

This comes in the wake of numerous schools including Notre Dame, the University of South Carolina, and others announcing they will either start the fall semester early, cancel fall break, hold classes on Labor Day, and/or conclude the semester or just in-person classes in conjunction with Thanksgiving break.

President Stanley stated that the decision was made after guidance from healthcare professionals, and in conjunction with feedback provided by faculty, staff, and students. MSU’s Covid-19 task force is working to ensure this can be done safely and continues to work on the details for enabling the return to campus.

As for clues about whether the Spartans will be able to play football and if fans can attend the games, his letter had this clue to what the answer is likely to be:

We also anticipate that large gatherings will be strictly limited and regulated.

You can read President Stanley’s full letter making the announcement here.