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The Only Podcast (6-11-20) — The Episode With No Segues

We talked about Tony Soprano’s heavy breathing, Ohio State winning the MAC and other stuff in no tangible order 

James Gandolfini Photo by Anthony Neste/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

On this week’s edition of the The Only Podcast, Austin (@ACSmith06) and John (@John_Kirby) talk...

(0-3:30) Intro: We are donating, but need your help on where the money should go.

(3:30 - 10) COVID: MSU returning to that good?

(10 - 23) RANDOM: P5 Split off from the NCAA: So you’re saying there’s a chance to de-Rutger the B1G?

(23 -34) Hoops: NBA Draft date set. Change anything?

Commercial Break ?

(35 - FIN) Football: Future Non-Con Schedules and random chatter